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I took a video and some photos when we were about to land last Wednesday night - our new beautiful home, Kiribati! It’s a remote rural area and I can compare it to my province (Leyte), despite being remote with limited food in the market, we will never complain. Since we arrived, we keep on saying WOW whenever we drive around, or even we’re just sitting in the balcony looking at the ocean. Seriously, the water is crystal clear (like Maldives as per expats). Andrew and I are lucky to get this opportunity! Life is simply beautiful in Kiribati and locals are very warm and friendly! Excited to meet more people around and learn their language. Matiu raoi friends. 🙏🏼😇 . . . . . . . . #beautiful #sunset #kiribati #simplelife #thankful #newhome #provincelife #adventure #wanderlust #explorenewthings #nature #ocean #photography #life

This is our secret little island in the Abaiang-atoll. Well protected anchorage on the lagoon-side, and open sea with healthy coral reef on the outside. The diving here is exceptional! Either we just walk across the island with our snorkeling gear, or we take the dinghy around and anchor in the reef. 30m visibility, colorful coral, lots of fish, crabs, lobsters, and turtles. We have cought our own lunch and dinner every day here. You see us as the white small dot on the right side.⛵️🌴🦐🦀 🐟😋💙💙 #sv_manjana #islandlife

Went to the English premiere of Anote’s Ark at the @sciencemuseum yesterday, a powerful and moving documentary about the effect of climate change on the Republic of Kiribati, followed by a very interesting panel discussion on geoengineering and the climate crisis. This film really struck a chord within me, as there were so many similarities to the issues my own island nation homeland faces in the future. Where will our people go - my family, friends? We will become displaced as a nation, everything we know will be part of a new Atlantis. What will happen to our culture and traditions? How do we preserve it all? Will we be able to stick together in a new home, or be scattered across the globe? Why is our predicament not being taken seriously by those with the power to change what is happening to this world? This film pointed out that it is too late to change what is definitely going to happen to small island nations such as Kiribati and the Maldives over the course of this century, but it’s not too late to start persuading the world to change, and not damage the climate any further. It was so hard to watch this brutal reality that many small island nations are facing. I really suggest everybody see this documentary, it was so brilliant and the ex Kiribati president Anote’s determination to continuously fight and stand up against the climate crisis was truly inspiring. #anotesark #sciencemuseum #climatechange #climatecrisis #kiribati #anotetong #london #documentary #change #geoengineering

On the frontline of Climate Change. ※ ↠ Kiribati is a nation made up of 32 atolls & 1 island dispersed across 3.5 million sq km of the Pacific Ocean. The people who live there & in other Pacific island nations, contribute less than 0.03% of the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions, yet they are some of the most vulnerable nations to climate change. ※ ↠ Testimonies from I-Kiribati & other Pacific Islanders show how climate change is not just a future concern, it is a lived reality - already having real impacts for people & communities across their nations. ※ ↠ & it’s not hard to see why. Kiribati is one of the world’s lowest-lying countries, with an average height of just two metres above sea level. Not only are the coastlines regularly being lost to increasingly frequent king tides and rising sea levels, but food security is also being impacted by more extreme rain patterns and flooding, longer droughts and salt water inundation, making it increasingly difficult to grow staple crops. Fresh drinking water supplies are also being contaminated with salt, making it unsuitable for drinking. Scientists believe that Kiribati can expect to become uninhabitable in less than 30 years. ※ ↠ Whilst the reality of Climate Change may not be immediately obvious and may seem like a distant threat for many of us - who are doing the bare minimum or making token gestures with our keep-cups. It is a current lived reality for others, who are fighting for survival and fighting to be heard. Climate Change is a global challenge, which is why we should all, as a global community, within our borders and as individuals, make changes and act for climate justice. ※ ↠ But core to this is that those with the lived experiences and most impacted must be the ones identifying and leading global solutions. They are already advocating - but we need to do more to listen to, learn and take direction from, make spaces for and amplify their voices and advocacy. To find out more check out: ※ @pacificclimatewarriors . ※ @climatevulnerableforum. ※ @humansofkiribati. ※ #anotesark - a documentary about climate change from the Kiribati perspective. link to the trailer in bio.

Conoscete la mia congenita passione per i #viaggi e il #design. Con grande piacere, nell’ambito di @bookcitymilano, modererò domani l’evento “Illustrare mondi lontani” allo Spazio @base_milano in via Bergognone. Con @elisamacellari, autrice di #PapayaSalad, con @andreaangeli_ e #AlicePiciocchi @pic_pik, autori di #Kiribati, esploreremo terre lontane attraverso il racconto illustrato. Tra racconti biografici e non, un viaggio tra pagine, disegni e stili diversi. 📖 "Papaya salad" Elisa Macellari @baopublishing 📖 "Kiribati. Storie da 33 isole in via di estinzione" Andrea Angeli e Alice Piciocchi @24cultura

A shadow of my former self - literally! Here projected onto the #E.coli sludge of a #kiribati lagoon! #2011

Is this is incoherence? I've watched a film 'Anote's Ark' about Kiribati Islands going under water because of raised levels of water caused by climate change. But then Kiribati people are using plenty of plastic cups, bowls and bottles and even carrier bags, which are made of fuels causing climate change. They are also driving cars on their little islands which are the size of London. So shouldn't you start changing yourself first and then ask others for help? #zerowaste#plasticfree#plasticfreeliving #lowimpactmovement #saynotoplastic #lowimpact#sustainability #sustainableliving #reducedwaste #reducedwasteliving #wastefreeplanet #zerowasteuk #zerowastelondon #waronwaste #eco #noplastic #plasticgamechanger #эко #пластик #безпластика #экология #экологичность #ourplanetourhome #bezero #climatechange #kiribati #globalwarming #anotesark #kiribatimission #kiribati🇰🇮

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